KingsConference Video

Stress-free Video Conference calling

KingsConference Video

What's in the BOX?

Flawless Video Experience

FULL HD Video Conferencing experience that brings REALITY to Virtual conferencing

Full HD Audio Conferencing

Full HD Audio quality like none other.

Private Chatting

Chat privately with participants

Screen Sharing

Share your screen with other participants

Watch Video

Watch a Video during a LIVE Conference

Kick Out

Push out unwanted participants

Lock / Unlock Meeting with Password

Keep your meetings secure by adding a Password

Mute All Participants

Maintain silence in the meetings by muting all participating

Private & Public Messaging

Keep conversations private or public within the same chat room

Toggle Camera

Switch between front and back cameras

Toggle Tile View

Get a full view of the main speaker or view all participants at once in a tile

Raise your hand

Ask to speak by raising your hand

Change Sound Device

Switch between speakers, headphones and microphones

View Participants

Get a real-time list of participants within your conference

Conference Recording

Record and playback your conferences

Embed Conference

Embed your conference on your website in seconds. Click here to Try it Out.
Username: demo | Password: demo

Live Streaming (Coming Soon)

Stream your conferences to KingsChat, and other social media platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does KingsConference Video Support Audio calls too?

Yes, it does.

2. Is the KingsConference Video available on Android and iOS platforms?

Yes, it is. Click on a meeting link with an Android or iOS device and you will be redirected to download the app.

3. Is there any limit to how long a Conference can last?

No, there's no limit whatsoever.

4. Can I use the platform for both personal, corporate and family meetings?

Yes please.

5. What time of the day is the KingsConference Video avaialble for use?

KingsConference Video is available for you 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

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